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Don't know how to fix your computer problems?

We take care of your organisation's IT issues.

Office Network

We build office IT networks to securely and reliably connect your computers, storage drives, internet, printers, mobile devices and more. We offer special packages for small NGOs and provide a professional and reliable service for the lowest price on the market. Click here to contact us.

General software maintenance

We understand that not everyone is a software expert. We fix your day to day software issues, from problems with Windows to setting up e-mail and storage systems. We can also help you to set up business and project management software systems. Click here to contact us. 

Upgrades and maintenance

We provide the most cost effective solutions to upgrade and maintain your existing computer systems to keep an effective working environment in your office. We help you to breathe new life into your old computers in order to save money. Click here to contact us. 

IT capacity-building

Knowing how your IT systems work reduces reliance on outside services and saves a lot of money. We train your team in routine system maintenance and help you understand basic software and hardware issues. Training is part of every package we provide. Click here to contact us. 

IT services for Brussels NGOS

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